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Clipping a Flex container’s content using the clipContent property

The following example shows how you can clip a container’s content in Flex by setting the clipContent property.
According to the Flex 3 documentation for the Container class’s clipContent property:

Whether to apply a clip mask if the positions and/or sizes of this container’s children extend outside the borders of this container. If false, the children of this container remain visible when they are moved or sized outside the borders of this container. If true, the children of this container are clipped.
If clipContent is false, then scrolling is disabled for this container and scrollbars will not appear. If clipContent is true, then scrollbars will usually appear when the container’s children extend outside the border of the container.
The default value is true.

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Toggling a Flex container’s visibility using states

In a previous post, “Toggling a Flex container’s visibility”, we looked at toggling a VBox container’s visibility by setting both the visible property and includeInLayout property. While the approach felt a little crude, we can build the same thing using the much more powerful view states. What are view states and how do we use them? Well, if you’re new to states, this should clear everything up: “Adobe – Flex Quick Start Basics: Creating States”.

Now, with that out of the way, lets look at some code and a basic example.

Full code after the jump.

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