4 thoughts on “Dispatching custom events from a custom component in Flex 4

  1. I’ve a lot of doubts with the Events in FlashBuilder 4.5. Well I built a class in ActionScript called Database, and it have two methods, useWebService and closeWebService. In the first one, as it’s name says execute a webservice with an operation but i don’t know how says to my Database class that dispatch events ResultEVent and FAultEvent of the webservice.

    I mean, i want that my Database class has the ResultEvent and FaultEvent to dispatch the events of the webservice.

    I appreciate any suggestion.
    Best Regards

  2. If u described based on project it will be helpfull for people who is working in software development

  3. Hi Peter, nice post. Very succinct. However, what if the custom event is declared in a nested component (a custom component within a custom component that shows up in the main app)? Or what about itemRenderers on a datagrid? How do you get the main app to here a custom event in an itemRederer that’s embedded in a datagrid?

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