Setting the button link corner radius on a Flex LinkBar control

The following example shows you how to set the corner radius on the link buttons in a LinkBar control in Flex by setting the linkButtonStyleName and cornerRadius styles.

Full code after the jump.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-- -->
<mx:Application xmlns:mx=""

        LinkBar {
            backgroundAlpha: 1.0;
            backgroundColor: haloBlue;
            linkButtonStyleName: myCustomLinkButtonStyleName;

        .myCustomLinkButtonStyleName {
            cornerRadius: 0;

    <mx:Array id="arr">
        <mx:Object label="One" />
        <mx:Object label="Two" />
        <mx:Object label="Three" />
        <mx:Object label="Four" />

    <mx:LinkBar id="linkBar"
            dataProvider="{arr}" />


View source is enabled in the following example.

One thought on “Setting the button link corner radius on a Flex LinkBar control

  1. Hi, I’m a newbie in flex. How can you make a linkbutton functioning like a Vscrollbar. I mean two linkbuttons. 1 for scrolling up and 1 for scrolling down and vice versa. And when I click and hold the up linkbutton it must scroll continuously. Because as I’m doing a work around for this i cannot do the scroll when i click and hold the linkbutton. you must click it again and again to continue scroll. thanks in advance.

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