Pausing the animation in an indeterminate ProgressBar control

The following example shows how you can pause the indeterminate animation in a Flex ProgressBar control by setting the mode property to “polled” or “manual”. You can resume the animation by setting the mode back to “event”.

Full code after the jump.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-- -->
<mx:Application xmlns:mx=""

    <mx:ApplicationControlBar dock="true">
            <mx:FormItem label="mode:">
                <mx:ComboBox id="comboBox">
                            <mx:Object label="event" />
                            <mx:Object label="polled" />
                            <mx:Object label="manual" />
            <mx:FormItem label="indeterminate:">
                <mx:CheckBox id="checkBox" selected="true" />

    <mx:ProgressBar id="progressBar"
            mode="{comboBox.selectedItem.label}" />


View source is enabled in the following example.

3 thoughts on “Pausing the animation in an indeterminate ProgressBar control

  1. Thank a lot for this tip, i was just thinking about this few days ago but couldn’t find ProgressBar property that would allow pausing animation :)

  2. Thanks for this information, I’ve been looking for something to help me with the animation issues I’m having, glad I found it, so yeah thank you very much.

  3. I too had animation issue as my progress bar is uses in both determinate and indeterminate mode. Thanks to you, my problem is solved quickly.

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