Determining a Flex application’s current security sandbox type

The following example shows how you can determine the current security sandbox type for a Flex application by checking the static, read-only Security.sandboxType property. You can also check for specific sandbox types by comparing the sandboxType property to the static constants in the Security class (LOCAL_TRUSTED, LOCAL_WITH_FILE, LOCAL_WITH_NETWORK, and REMOTE).

Full code after the jump.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-- -->
<mx:Application xmlns:mx=""

            private function init():void {
                switch (Security.sandboxType) {
                    case Security.LOCAL_TRUSTED:
                        sandboxLabel.text += " (Local trusted)";
                    case Security.LOCAL_WITH_FILE:
                        sandboxLabel.text += " (Local with file)";
                    case Security.LOCAL_WITH_NETWORK:
                        sandboxLabel.text += " (Local with network)";
                    case Security.REMOTE:
                        sandboxLabel.text += " (Remote)";

        <mx:FormItem label="Security.sandboxType:" fontSize="16">
            <mx:Label id="sandboxLabel" text="{Security.sandboxType}" />


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4 thoughts on “Determining a Flex application’s current security sandbox type

  1. Peter, what would be a use-case for this? The only thing I can think of is automatically switching between a live url or a test url (for local dev’ that is).

    BTW, where’s the RSS or subscribe feature for comments? :-D (not that I can really talk but figured I’d ask)

  2. Their isn’t a valid use case for this example specifically. But I’m working on the security feature and the loading rules are different for each of the 4 sandbox types.
    Typically when you build an application you’d know where it is being deployed though.

    RSS for comments? There are two. Look in the footer for the site-wide comments, where it says “powered by WordPress and Redoable 1.2”. The link is
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  3. One such use-case that I just ran into involved checking the sandbox type to know whether to pass a SecurityDomain to a LoaderContext. This worked nicely to allow me to fork the LoaderContext logic when running the SWF from the filesystem as opposed to a server.

  4. hi
    i want to devlope Banking Application on Flex so how can security is handled in flex about user personal detail,credit card number,password and all that?
    how can i achive this in flex?
    i have SOAP response

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