Checking whether a color name is a valid color in Flex using the StyleManager class

The following example shows how to use the static StyleManager.isColorName() method to check whether a color name is valid or not. This method takes a single parameter, colorName, and returns a Boolean value representing whether the parameter is a valid alias for a color.

Full code after the jump.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!-- -->
<mx:Application xmlns:mx=""

            import mx.styles.StyleManager;
            import mx.utils.StringUtil;

            private function button_click(evt:MouseEvent):void {
                /* Remove leading and trailing whitespace. */
                var str:String = StringUtil.trim(textInput.text);
                var isColor:Boolean = StyleManager.isColorName(str);

                /* If it is a valid color, set the background color
                   and remove the error string, if any. Else, set the
                   background color to the constant NOT_A_COLOR from
                   the StyleManager class and set the error string. */
                if (isColor) {
                    box.setStyle("backgroundColor", str);
                    textInput.errorString = "";
                } else {
                    box.setStyle("backgroundColor", StyleManager.NOT_A_COLOR);
                    textInput.errorString = "NOT A COLOR";

    <mx:ApplicationControlBar dock="true">
        <mx:Label text="Color name:" />
        <mx:TextInput id="textInput" />
        <mx:Button label="isColorName()"
                click="button_click(event);" />

    <mx:Box id="box" width="100%" height="100%" />


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If you want to add your own custom color aliases, you can use the StyleManager class’s registerColorName() method, as seen in the following snippet:

StyleManager.registerColorName('peter', 0x0BCDEF);
trace(StyleManager.isColorName('peter')); // true